Architectural metal panels are a type of exterior siding that is most commonly used on large commercial and high-rise buildings and can be used for both interior and exterior purposes. When using architectural metal panels on the exterior surface it can provide a more advanced level of protection that other exterior siding doesn’t have. For interior siding and ceilings, it can have a more aesthetic and high-tech look to any indoor area.

Similar to other metal wall panels, architectural metal panels are available in many different styles and finishes. It can be manufactured from copper, zinc, aluminum, titanium, steel, or a combination of these metals and can even be further embellished by polishing, brushing, or burnishing the surface. Architectural metal panels can also be easier to install.

Ironhide Construction is proud to partner with different vendors for your architectural metal panel projects. No project is too small or large and we pride ourselves in giving you options fit for your company’s goals and objectives.


ATAS International, Inc.

Firestone Building Products Company

Berridge Manufacturing Company

Moz Designs

Kingspan Metal Wall Panels