If you’re in need of an aesthetically pleasing, energy efficient option, insulated metal panels may be your best choice.

Insulated metal panels (IMPs) are lightweight composite exterior wall and roof panels with metal skins and an insulating foam core. Basically, it consists of two metal sheets over a foam core material. The insulation is typically HCFC free polyurethane or polyisocyanurate foam. The thickness of the core material varies based on the amount of insulation needed. These panels are easier to install and require lower maintenance that results in saving construction costs and faster installation. IMPs work great for about any type of building such as hospitality, education, warehouses, healthcare facilities, manufacturing, office/bank, government, and recreation. IMPs provide many benefits including quick to install, energy efficient, lightweight construction, and durability.

Ironhide Construction is partners with several vendors to ensure that whatever your project needs, we can make it happen. No matter the size, finish, or material, our vendors can completely customize any panel to ensure your building meets all your expectations.


Kingspan Metal Wall Panels

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