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Structural Restoration

Structural Restoration

Experts in Overall Building Maintenance

Ironhide Construction is a leading general contractor and structural steel company. Ironhide Construction is one of only a few companies in the region with the expertise to handle the challenges of structural restoration and repairs to buildings, parking garages, and other structures with steel.  

Environmental Impact on Structures
Buildings and other structures are impacted by environmental conditions (rain, snow, and wind), as well as normal wear and tear. Left unchecked, deterioration can compromise strength, stability, serviceability, and appearance.  

Prioritize Repairs
Preventative maintenance, which includes some simple things like caulking, can help extend the life of the structure. Ironhide Construction can provide an inspection to help you understand the structural condition, identify priority repairs, and create an effective phased maintenance plan to ensure long-term integrity. 

Maintenance Education & Planning
We can and do get called in for emergencies, but more importantly, our training and experience allows us to recognize structural issues before they become urgent. Ironhide Construction can also partner with your building or property manager to provide education on structural warning signs.

Ironhide Construction has the knowledge and experience to address structural restoration issues and prolong both lifespan and safety.   


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